The Management of the company MOLARIS, S.L., an engineering, production and services company for solids grinding and classification installations, defines its Quality Management System as a way to organise its business life, based on basic pillars such as the quality of its products and services and its processes, as a result of continuous improvement and the constant pursuit of the cooperation and satisfaction of suppliers and customers.
For that reason, and in line with the requirements of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 international standard, Management declares the Quality Management System to be a priority strategic objective, and is fundamentally committed to compliance with the following points:

  • We adhere to the principle that, because the quality of our products and service is an essential factor for the survival of our company, these factors and their continuous improvement are the responsibility of each and every member of staff, and each member of MOLARIS, S.L. must be fully committed to complying with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, as well as any other requirements when carrying out their work. Management will therefore provide the necessary training resources to ensure that the determined quality objectives are achieved. 
  • Quality is backed by a Continuous Improvement Plan, for production processes and service provision, as well as for the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, a fundamental aspect of which is error prevention.
  • Quality means doing things right the first time, in pursuit of the goal of “zero defects”
  • Boosting the performance and general effectiveness of the company, taking into account customer needs and how they change over time. The company's strategy and achievement of objectives will therefore be reviewed periodically under the framework of the principles adopted in this statement. 

This commitment requires a spirit of collaboration and participation at all levels, which is why information, communication and skills building with staff is essential and all company employees are called upon to support the policy and carry out their work in such a way so as to achieve the improvement objectives that are established to that end.   In carrying out our activity, we always bear in mind that THE RESULT OF OUR WORK MUST:  
Thus, the correct compliance with these directives and their implementation throughout the company, and in regards to its suppliers and external customers where applicable, is both my responsibility and that of the entire staff of MOLARIS, S.L., so I pledge to spread this Policy and make it available to any individuals or entities that request it.